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Should I have filler if I'm on my period?

We advise against having filler around the time of the month as the injections tend to be more uncomfortable despite local anaesthetic and there are far more episodes of patients feeling faint, or nauseated following the injections, during this time. We also advise to not have alcohol the day of the filler as this can give greater levels of bruising and swelling.

Here’s some helpful tips to minimising bruising and swelling from fillers:

Before fillers:

  • Avoid alcohol a day before treatment
  • Avoid herbal medication for 1 week prior
  • Any blood thinning treatments will increase the risk of bleeding and bruising and should ideally be stopped 1 week before
  • Prior to treatment the use of local anaesthetic and cold packs
  • Avoid fillers if due to menstruate

After filler:

  • Reapplication of cold packs
  • Sleep on a couple of pillows
  • Cold/ice drinks (without alcohol)
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