How much does a facelift cost in the UK?

Different surgeons have different prices, depending on which hospital they operate at, and the cost can vary considerably between different procedures.

Essentially, the important thing is that if you are considering a facelift procedure, it's an investment for your future. It's on your face, it's something that you can't hide. And therefore, it's important not to make your judgement based on your budget or based on cost. Rather, it's important to really research and make sure that you've got the right surgeon who understands you. This may be more expensive than you thought, or it might be cheaper than somebody else. The cost should never come into something that can make a big difference and have a huge impact on your life.

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Your private consultation is the perfect opportunity to ask any burning questions directly to your surgeon or consultant.

Moreover, it's also important to know whether you're going to have aftercare within that cost, because often a cost can be shown to be far less than another surgery but it doesn't include any aftercare. If the patient subsequently gets an infection, or if they have a problem following surgery, they've suddenly incurred more costs that they didn't anticipate.

The cost for the Concept™ Facelift and Neck Lift can be found on our pricing page. If you require any additional procedures for example liposuction, this is an additional cost. We charge £1,000 more for our male patients as the procedure usually takes up to an hour longer and is more complex as there is a greater supply of blood to the face due to facial hair. Complex or corrective surgery may also incur an additional cost as this involves more time, cutting out excess scar tissue etc.

What happens during a facelift?

Within a facelift, the scar is made in the contours around the ear and behind the ear to gain access to the deeper structures in the face. The SMAS, the muscle layer, needs to be addressed for the facelift to have longevity. Depending on the patient and their bone structure, there are different ways that the muscle can be lifted or folded on itself, or removed and lifted up to give the right contour and volume of the basis structure of the face. Once that's been tightened, the extra skin that has been lifted up is then removed and everything is re-stitched in the same contours where the initial incision was made.

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Cosmetic surgery isn't the only option, there are a number of non-surgical alternatives available.

What are the alternatives to facelift surgery?

There are non-surgical alternatives to facelift surgery. It is important for your surgeon to establish what result do you want, at what age is your concern, what is the quality of your skin and what are your expectations? With careful assessment, we can see whether somebody can have their face rejuvenated with non-surgical means, for example, resurfacing techniques like laser or a chemical peel which smooths out the skin on the outside.

Other alternatives to facelift surgery include volumising the face using injections such as dermal fillers. This is used to re-volumise the face to where it used to be. Another alternative is thread lifts which are ideal for people who are much younger and are not in need of a facelift. The risks of thread lifts are less, the results do not last as long, but it's a temporary fix for somebody who doesn't want to go through surgery, but still wants to have a slightly more defined jawline and refreshed facial appearance.

In summary, it's important that people have a certain budget. But when you're having a procedure, cutting corners based purely on cost is not the right way to go. We advise people to wait and save up and have the procedure for you, rather than to say, "I need a face and neck lift, but I can't afford the neck, so I'll just have the face." In this instance, this wouldn't give you the results you want because it's not going to blend together. And this is also the case for choosing between surgeons. Just because someone is more expensive doesn't make them better. What is important is how many cases of facelifts do they do in a year? How many revision cases do they correct from other bad surgeries? And can they show you lots of before and after pictures? Because that shows you you're dealing with someone who's got experience, experience to help you, to understand you, to achieve the results that you want, but also to look after you throughout your care.

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