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How can I know whether my surgeon will give me the outcome I desire?

Having confidence that you are in excellent hands with your chosen surgeon is something that should not be compromised on over either consideration of cost or convenience. Investing time in researching to find the very best surgeon for your procedure through specialist medical review websites, personal recommendation and a thorough private consultation with your surgeon are likely to give you the reassurance every patient should have before proceeding with a procedure. In addition, the surgeon will need to consider the following factors.

First and foremost – what is your overall expectation and if this within the remit of what can be carried out surgically. Your surgeon will discuss this with you in detail and will show you the results you can expect. If they can’t show you many other examples from other patients then this could indicate that they may be less experienced in carrying out this procedure.

Secondly, what other factors are present? The quality of the skin; other medical factors; smoking; lifestyle habits will all be influential in determining the outcome. It is not just the surgery or surgeon’s talents alone.

With areola surgery, this is generally quite bespoke surgery and the amount of skin or extra tissue you want removed and how you would like the area to look will be a very personal thing and something that our experienced surgeons go through.

Our surgeons will discuss your treatment holistically and give you a full picture of what to expect and address your concerns, with such an intimate of your body where many nerves are present it is vital that your surgeon is very familiar with performing this procedure.

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