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What can make breast implants look unnatural?

Once the implant is inserted, your body grows a membrane (‘capsule’) around the implant. Depending upon the individual way your body responds to the implant, and also to the type of implant used, the capsule can become tough and tight with time. This changes the shape of the implant and the breast. Approximately 20% of implants will develop a significant capsule within 10 years of surgery although the latest types of implant may appear to have much lower rates of capsule contracture. If this happens the implants can be exchanged and the capsule is removed.

If very large implants are chosen for an otherwise small breast this may give a rather rounded and over-augmented look. Patients who start with very small breasts and/or very thin skin in the upper part of the breast may also find that the upper edge of the implant is more apparent. This effect can be offset by placing the implant more deeply by going under the chest wall muscles (‘subpectoral’, ‘submuscular’ or ‘dual plane’ technique). Breasts which have become droopy may require an uplift as well as an implant (‘augmentation-mastopexy’) in order to achieve a desirable look; using an implant only for this type of breast creates a ‘double-bubble’ appearance.

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