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Can I still have a baby after a Tummy Tuck?

Ideally, you should wait until you have completed your family before you have a tummy tuck. This is because following the tummy tuck, your abdomen will expand again, and you could be left with excess skin/fat again.

Also, if you have tightening of the muscles to fix a divarication (where the 6 pack muscles are spread away from the midline), then this extra tension can result in the baby not going to term and might need to be delivered early.

The best advice we can give, is to avoid the tummy tuck procedure if you are still wanting to have a family as you will more than likely require a repeat procedure. However, if you do not know whether a family is in your future and feel you would like to enjoy your body now, then having a tummy tuck will not necessarily stop you having a baby but the baby may not reach term and would need to be delivered earlier in the pregnancy.

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