How can I get the most from my consultation?

We all have trouble remembering dates, especially when it comes to your medical history. However, it really helps us if you have a good idea of your general medical history so that we can get the best plan for your surgery or treatment, based on the knowledge of your own medical history.

When you are discussing with your consultant, it may help to structure your problem in the following order:

If you are booking a consultation that relates to a serious past medical condition or surgery, or an on-going condition, it would extremely helpful if you can bring any copies of documents including reports, test results and prescriptions. If you have any X-ray scans or reports, please bring these also.

Finally, just as a precaution and some general advice, please get advice from your GP or treatment in advance for any undiagnosed symptoms or problems you may be suffering from, especially breathlessness, chest pain, heart flutters or high blood pressure.