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Facelift Surgery, How Times Have Changed

When I was younger I remember watching cosmetic surgery documentaries and seeing different procedures being performed, including the facelift. The traditional facelift procedure along with the transformation post-facelift could give you nightmares, as you come out of theatre bandaged up like a mummy and then look like you’ve gone 15 rounds with Mike Tyson for a number of weeks! At the time I thought, why not just go to a local beauty shop and get a mini makeover- or go to the salon and get a new haircut?

One programme followed a lady on her facelift journey and I saw how long it would take her to recuperate. She had drains coming out from under the bandages, she had to be fed through a straw as she was so swollen and she had morphed into a bruised shell of her former self, begging for pain killers! I remember thinking I would never EVER have any type of cosmetic surgery if this was the outcome! Yes, she looked fantastic weeks down the line but was all that suffering and pain really worth it?

What is a Facelift?

A facelift is a surgical procedure that repositions the soft tissue (skin, fat, muscle) of the lower face to re-establish a sharper contour of the face and neck. If you need an analogy…..think of it as similar to smoothing out a tablecloth on a table.

Medical Advances

Today the medical advances for this procedure have improved dramatically which has made me rethink my decision about never going under the knife! If I tell you that you could now have a facelift in a 2-3 hour procedure, you would think I was crazy! It is true though, fine lines, turkey-like neck and jiggly jowls all removed under local anaesthetic with the same results as a traditional facelift. You can now have a facelift and go home the same day! There are a number of different varieties of this procedure but they only really focus on the skin and not the underlying muscle so results do not last.

The Concept™ Facelift

The Concept™ Facelift focuses on the SMAS (muscle and the skin), so the longevity is the same as a traditional facelift, between 7 – 10 years, but without the bruising and downtime of the traditional facelift methods, which can last weeks. Pioneered by our lead surgeon Mr Amir Nakhdjevani, this revolutionary technique has transformed the Facelift procedure and we have become inundated with interest and amazing reviews. There are no bandages, drains or hospital stay instead it’s a walk in and walk out treatment that lasts.

This sounds like a much better option rather than going under general anaesthetic, staying overnight and having to cope with excessive swelling. Many of the patients who come for the Concept™ Facelift at Bella Vou have not told their friends, co-workers or even partners that they are having the procedure as the results are instant. You do not look tight or as though you have just come out of a wind tunnel. You simply look like yourself – just a softer and more youthful version. There is also a noticeable change in many of our patient’s attitudes after having their face “lifted”, their spirits seem ‘lifted’ too! We provide thorough aftercare advice and our Patient Coordinators and Nurses are on call 24/7 which gives patients great reassurance and makes them feel completely at ease. We like to see patients for a follow up consultation one week after surgery to check the incision site is healing nicely.

Will a scar be noticeable?

Amir makes a discreet incision that runs in front of the ear down to the earlobe and tucks back behind the ear rather than the traditional method of starting at the top of the head, running in front and behind the ear and into the hair at the back of the head. All the stitches are absorbable and hidden under the skin. This will leave a very fine scar that matures over time and appears as a fine white line that will hardly be noticeable.

Who is the ideal candidate?

Someone who has moderate to severe loss of midface prominence, sagging jowls, neck skin and platysma (neck muscle) banding. The Concept™ Facelift can also be combined with other procedures, most commonly neck lift and eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty). The surgery time is adjusted accordingly but all the procedures are performed under local anaesthetic and the downtime is still less than if you had the combined procedures under general anaesthetic. You can also expect to walk out of the clinic without any bandages, so no one walking past you would know you have just come out of theatre.

In summary the Concept™ Facelift is revolutionary

With our beautiful clinic situated in the heart of the Pantiles in Tunbridge Wells, you are within easy access of the station and M25 which makes travelling that bit easier. We encourage patients to have a consultation with Mr Amir Nakhdjevani, even if it is a webcam consultation due to travel restraints. He will be able to provide you with before and after pictures and go through the procedure in detail. You will then speak to our Patient Coordinator, Stevie, who can provide you with a quote and also look at the diary to see when you would like to have surgery.

Everything about this procedure just seems so easy, and it is! So if you are looking to rejuvenate and do not wish to be out of work or normal activities for a prolonged amount of time, then the Concept™ Facelift is the perfect procedure!


We also offer Crisalix 3D simulations so you can see an impression of what you could look like prior to going under the knife. This will give you a better understanding of what can be achieved whilst advising the surgeon on the areas you are most interested in correcting.

To book a consultation or even just to receive some further information, please call one of the team on 01892 257357.

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