Pixie Ear Correction

Pixie ear correction is surgery to address the ear-lobe. The term pixie-ear describes ear-lobes which have merged into the adjacent skin. This results in a stretched appearance of the ear-lobe. This can be something you are born with but more commonly, we see this secondary to face-lift surgery. Following the surgery, the scarring causes the skin to pull at this level. This will, therefore, result in a stretched appearance to the ear-lobe.

Duration 40 - 60 minutes
Anaesthesia Local Anaesthetic
Hospital Stay No overnight stay
Recovery 1- 2 days
Addresses Pixie ear deformity & stretched scars secondary to facelift surgery

Is this right for me?

If you have issues with your ear-lobes and feel there is no shape to them or that they have been pulled down secondary to surgery, then this corrective surgery may be the option for you.

What does this involve?

This surgery involves removing the existing scar and restitching the ear-lobe to the correct position. It will take about 40 minutes to do and will involve a cut in the skin around the ear-lobe. The stitches are dissolvable and are therefore absorbed by the body.

The resulting scar is quite discrete and placed at the junction of the ear and cheek. We see a lot of patients who have had face-lifts elsewhere and see our surgeons for pixie-ear correction.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the recovery like?

There is minimal downtime. You can go home the same day after surgery. We suggest that you sleep elevated on a couple of pillows at night. This will help to reduce the swelling. Simple analgesia may be required. You will subsequently be reviewed by a member of the clinical team, at 1 week to ensure all is healing well.

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