Lip Reduction (Cheiloplasty)

This procedure reduces the size of the upper and/or lower lips. The goals of lip reduction surgery (cheiloplasty) are to achieve a harmonious relationship between the upper and lower lips that is in balance with the entire face, as well as to attain normal lip competence. The “Bikini” lip reduction is carried out to restore an attractive labial (lip) contour.

Duration 40 - 60 minutes
Anaesthesia Local Anaesthetic
Hospital Stay No overnight stay
Recovery 1-2 days - bruising and swollen lips
Addresses Large & asymmetrical lips

Is this right for me?

This procedure is commonly sought after by patients who have large lips that they feel are out of proportion to the rest of the face. If the size of your upper or lower lip is something that bothers you, then book a consultation and our surgeons can advise you as to whether this surgery is ideal for you.

What does this involve?

Lip Reduction involves the removal of excess lip tissue to reduce the overall volume and is carried out by injecting local anaesthetic into the mouth, in a similar fashion to a dental block.

The surgery involves reducing the size of upper and/ or lower lips depending on what the area of concern is. The amount that is removed is measured and should maintain the balance of the rest of the face. Factors that we consider are the overall facial size, shape an symmetry. Patient ethnicity is important to consider also.

The scars are placed inside the mouth and therefore are not visible normally. The procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic as a day-case procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the recovery like?

You can go home the same day. You are given full after-care instructions following the surgery. The sutures used will be absorbed by the body therefore do not require removal.

You will use a mouthwash after meals and keep the area as clean as possible.

The swelling usually lasts 7 - 10 days. The lips will be bruised during this time. You will be given cold compresses to help to reduce the overall swelling.

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