Earlobe Repair and Reduction Surgery (Lobuloplasty)

Duration 1 hour
Anaesthesia Local anaesthetic
Hospital Stay No
Recovery 2 weeks
Addresses Split, torn or stretched earlobes

Split earlobes are very common and typically occur as a result of wearing heavy earrings for long periods of time. The pierced earlobe gradually gets stretched until it is totally torn through, causing a split earlobe. Earlobe repair and reduction surgery is a cosmetic surgery procedure that can effectively reshape the earlobes to a more aesthetically pleasing look.

Is this right for me?

The stretched appearance, elongated or split earlobe can be improved and repaired so that the individual can wear earrings again. Often the patients are conscious and concerned about it.

Our cosmetic surgeons can asses and listen to your concerns and can tailor a treatment that meets your requirement whether it’s the appearance or the fact that you would like to wear earrings again.

The procedure will be a walk in walk out treatment that can really change your day to day living and allow you to wear your hair up and be able to wear earrings again.

For those who want an earlobe reduction they can have a natural and youthful appearance of their earlobes that you can wear earrings on.

What the procedure involves

Split earlobes are generally a tear straight down from where the original piercing. This is due to wearing heavy earrings that have been pulled down with gravity and torn through the tissue of the earlobe.

Local anaesthetic is injected into the area and within a few seconds the area will be numb. The tear is removed and the wound edges are sutured together in layers with different strength sutures.

In most cases absorbable stitches are used to repair the split but in some cases there may be a need for non-absorbable sutures that will then be removed at 5 to 7 days post surgery.

Small dressing tape is applied to the scar to protect the wound which is shower proof and will be removed at your follow up in 5 to 7 days time.

After 2 weeks you will be advised to massage and moisturise the scar to speed up the healing and softening the scar.

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Patient Stories of Earlobe Repair and Reduction Surgery

What is Earlobe Reduction Surgery?

For many people, the skin on the earlobe loses elasticity, making the earlobe dangle and appear to have grown in size. In such cases a cosmetic surgeon will perform earlobe reduction surgery to reduce the size of the earlobe to recreate the youthful appearance it once had, allowing earrings and studs to be worn without stretching the earlobe too much.

What is Earlobe Repair Surgery?

Repairing a split earlobe is a relatively straightforward, uncomplicated and effective procedure usually carried out under local anaesthetic, and involves few risks or complications. Cosmetic surgeons will carefully plan and design how to repair your ear; such planning is crucial to reach the optimal shape and size of the earlobe. The scars can be placed in hidden areas away from view and in a way that gives strength to the earlobe for future re-piercing.

What are the benefits of Earlobe Repair and Reduction Surgery?

  • Split or torn earlobes can be brought back together and repaired.
  • Elongated or stretched earlobes from wearing heavy earrings or gauges can be normalized in appearance.
  • Following a full recovery, previously torn ears can be re-pierced.

Earlobe Repair and Reduction Surgery at Bella Vou

The scars will take 2 to 3 months to gain strength before you are advised to re-pierce and wear earrings in the same site again. Sometimes the earlobe repair can be combined with other cosmetic surgery procedures such as the Concept™ Facelift procedures, where the scar for the reduction is discretely incorporated into the facelift scar.

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Earlobe Repair and Reduction Surgery
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