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Varicose Veins with Dr Mo Faris at the Bella Vou Clinic

Varicose Veins with Dr Mo Faris at the Bella Vou Clinic

12th November 2020

1:30 PM

A free lunchtime event for people wishing to learn more about varicose veins

About this Event
Varicose veins aren’t pretty, but they can be more than a cosmetic concern. Twisted, enlarged veins near the skin’s surface can cause leg pains, including aching, cramping, burning, numbness, tingling and restless legs.

Join Dr Mo Faris on 12th November at 1.30pm for our informal zoom webinar which has been designed to give information about varicose veins, various treatment options and what the current evidence for various treatments are.

There’ll be lots of information to take away and plenty of opportunity to ask questions in a relaxed environment.

Due to the new November lockdown rules announced, this event has now been changed to an online webinar via Zoom which means we are no longer limiting the event to 5 people so why not join from the comfort of your own home? Expect the same educational information and advice from Dr Mo Faris as you would in person.

EVENT OFFER: Bookings taken on the afternoon will receive 25% off consultation fee and 10% off treatment cost!

Book your space now by emailing [email protected]

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