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Droopy Eyelids – Disappearing Trick!

Have you ever experienced that awkward moment when you go up to a friend with a wet wipe and say “Let me help you honey, you have a smudge of mascara under your eye”. Little did we know she had deep, dark bags looming under her eyes. No amount of wet wipes could rectify that. Embarrassing for you, and even more embarrassing for your now not so close friend.

Then recently while applying your own eye shadow, you notice the makeup just doesn’t want to stay in place. Your eyes feel saggy, the skin a little loose. Make up, our salvation, isn’t doing its job. You’re thinking that this is karma from that time you shoved your unwrinkled hand into that friends face and pointed out her flaws? No. This is called ageing. We can’t avoid it; it’s a natural part of life – new day, new crow’s feet. However, we’re fortunate to live in a day when we can still maintain an element of youthfulness thanks to eyelid surgery.

Over time our eyelids can become droopy, leaving the appearance of dull, tired, and puffy eyes. Who wants that? Eyelid surgery can solve many of these problems and contribute towards creating a more aesthetically pleasing and symmetrical face; the face you saw in the mirror not so many years ago!

The term ‘eye sagging’ or ‘droopy eyelid’ means the eye is covered by excessive skin sagging on the upper eyelid. This can cause puffiness in certain areas around the eye, which can result in dark bags underneath the eyes leaving you with a tired looking face no matter what makeup you’re using. All in all, it’s hard to escape.

As well as ageing, there are other factors that contribute to eyes sagging:

  • Medical Problems
  • Migraines / Headaches
  • Normal variation of the eyelid
  • Nerve Injury

Droopy eyelids can cause both women and men to be self-conscious about their appearance. Due to excess eyelid skin hanging over their eye, eyelid sagging can leave women in particular with the problem of being unable to carry out routine activities such as putting on eye shadow or mascara.

The effects of droopy eyelids can leave both men and women feeling very distressed with their appearance and the most natural consequence is damaged self-confidence. In serious cases some people’s vision can be impaired as a result of sagging skin around their eyes which can disrupt driving, working life, and general independence.

Bella Vou are specialists in Eyelid Surgery and can quickly and effectively help your eyes to look younger and natural.

What Eyelid Surgery can do for you:

  • Fresh and Youthful looking appearance
  • Hidden Scars
  • Long Lasting results
  • Better vision
  • Less reliance on make-up and other cosmetic enhancers
  • Change to lifestyle
  • Improved self-esteem

If you are starting to feel the effects of age around your eyes, suffering from drooping eyelids or have tired looking, dull eyes due to excess skin around your eyes – eyelid surgery could be truly life changing for you.

Eyelid Surgery at Bella Vou will leave you with a fresh and youthful appearance. This positive change to your life is sure to boost your self-confidence so that you will love the skin you’re in.

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Last Updated: July 13, 2015

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