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Cosmetic Treatments – On Trial

At some point, coming sooner than you probably hoped, your face will change; it will begin to lose natural contours, be hollow where once it was perky and plump, and worst, start to sag. Maybe it’s already happened. However, if you’re considering taking serious action, hold your horses. A facelift doesn’t have to be the only option. What you need to do – before resorting to cuts and sharp implements, stitches and bruising – is to consider a few cleverly placed fillers to restore your natural scaffolding.

Cosmetic Surgery Treatments on Trial: Tummy’s Tucked, Faces Filled, Fats Frozen, Bags Broken and more

Panda eyes and turkey necks – we all know what they look like…but do you really, REALLY want either? Francesca White discovers some latest hi-tech solutions to the age-old dilemmas.

The R Lift does just this. Carefully measured amounts of Emervel or Restylane are injected into a couple of points on both sides of the face: cheekbones (to smooth hollow temples and sunken sockets) and the sides of the mouth (to iron out lines around the lips and sharpen jawline). The difference to common fillers is the technique: a cannula is slid beneath the skin’s surface, which helps to break the fibrous bands that fuse the muscle to the skin and fading deeper wrinkles. Just 25 to 45 minutes, depending on the how much is used, and you’re done.

PAIN FACTOR: This depends on your pain threshold, but commonly patients say, on a scale of 10, that the procedure rates from two to four. If you’re super squeamish, be assured that you are looking at five to six pricks, tops.

DOWNTIME: A tiny bit of bruising if you’re unlucky, and things might feel a tad warm for the remainder of the day. If swelling occurs, it’s tends to be very mild and should to go down within 24 hours.

RESULTS: Make-up glides on, skin is springier and confidence is regained. An annual booking is needed to maintain it.

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