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Cosmetic surgery is the hottest gift trend this Christmas

“Merry Christmas darling, here’s a facelift!”

Increasing numbers of people are giving cosmetic procedures to their loved ones as gifts this Christmas, according to the Bella Vou cosmetic surgery clinic in Tunbridge Wells.

The most commonly gifted procedures are anti-ageing injections and fillers, but surgical treatments are also increasingly popular presents. Bella Vou has reported a 38% uplift in bookings ahead of this year’s Christmas holiday season compared with 2015, with the clinic’s unique Concept™ Facelift among the most sought-after surgical procedures.

Amir Nakhdjevani, lead cosmetic surgeon at Bella Vou, explains: “Christmas is always a busy time for plastic surgeons and we typically see up to 25% more enquires during the festive period than at other times of the year. Enquiries are up 123% compared to last year and we’ve seen that many bookings are early Christmas presents, either from a partner to their loved one or sometimes as a present to oneself!

One reason is that people want to look their best during the holiday party season, with so many work and social engagements throughout Christmas and New Year. Many people book in for botox and fillers to address those tell tale signs of ageing and ensure they look their best for all those party selfies.

However, we’ve also seen a huge upturn in the number of surgical bookings this Christmas, as people can use the holiday period to heal and recover after their procedures. Anti-aging surgeries, including facelifts and neck lifts, are among the most popular so that people can start 2017 looking youthful and fresh-faced, and we’ve also seen a lot of demand for breast augmentation.

In the past, cosmetic surgery clinics have often used the Christmas period to offer seasonal discounts in a bid to drive business during the holidays. However, new rules introduced in April this year included a ban on promotional methods such as two-for-one offers and prizes.

Amir continued:

We welcome the new rules which will ensure that aggressive marketing practices do not lead patients to make decisions without sufficient consideration of the benefits and risks. However, despite the limitations now placed – quite rightly – upon giveaways, discounts and other promotions, it is very encouraging to see increasing demand for cosmetic services during the holiday period.

I would just caution anyone who is considering a cosmetic procedure to do their research, and select the best surgeon for the procedure they want. While it’s understandable that patients may have a set budget in mind, the quality of the results, rather than the cost, must be their primary concern. Patients must take the time to meet with their surgeon and should not rush into a decision unless they are absolutely sure it’s right for them.

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Last Updated: December 14, 2016

Published On: December 14, 2016

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