Third Nipple Removal (Polythelia)

A third nipple (also known as a supernumerary nipple, triple nipple or accessory nipple) is an additional nipple that is a normal occurrence in all mammals, including humans. They arise along embryological ‘milk lines’ during development in the womb. You can have more than one and they are often mistaken for moles. Best of all, they can easily be removed.

Duration 40 - 60 minutes
Anaesthesia Local Anaesthetic
Hospital Stay No overnight stay
Recovery 1 week
Addresses Extra nipple

Is this right for me?

You do not have to remove these, if they do not bother you.  These nipples can sometimes lactate in both men and women. If you do not like the way they look or where they are located, then a simple operation can be performed to remove them.

What does this involve?

A local anaesthetic procedure that results in removal of the extra nipple and replaces this with a discrete straight line scar.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the recovery like?

1-2 days
Stitches are usually absorbable and therefore do not require removing. A dressing is placed for 1 week and then removed.

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