Areola Reduction

Areola reduction surgery reduces the size and alters the shape of the areola. The extra pigmented areola skin is therefore removed and the resultant wound is closed with absorbable stitches. Hence, you do not require stitches to be removed. The procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic as a day case procedure

Duration 45 - 60 minutes
Anaesthesia Local anaesthetic
Hospital Stay No overnight stay
Recovery 2 - 6 weeks
Addresses Enlarged & asymmetrical areolas

Is this right for me?

This is similar to that for Areola Correction.

What does this involve?

The size of the areola determines whether extra skin of the breast needs to be removed also. Most commonly, the scar is a circular shape that is kept within the boundary of the nipple-areola complex, such that it is not noticeable.

The scars are either placed on the edge of the areola; centrally within the areola; or at the base of the nipple. The surgery does not involve the nipples. However, if you would like your nipple size to be reduced then this can be carried out at the same time.


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