Areola Reduction and Nipple Correction

Duration 1 hour
Anaesthesia Local anaesthetic
Hospital Stay Same day
Recovery 1 week
Addresses Enlarged areola, inverted or large nipples

Nipple Correction Surgery is a quick and easy procedure that can help you if you are unhappy with either the size or shape of your areolas (the brown or pink area around the nipple) or your nipples.

Overtime, the areola gets larger and darker leaving the appearance of the nipple disproportionately large for the breast. Using some of the latest techniques we can now reduce the areola and correct the nipple to the desired size under local anaesthetic as a walk in walk out procedure.

Is this right for me?

If you are concerned about the size of your breast areola and it’s a source of embarrassment, which may cause a low self-esteem and affect your relationship, then you can benefit from the surgery. This cosmetic surgery is a permanent solution to a long lasting problem.

In some cases as a result of previous breast surgery the shape and size of the areola could have been affected. Adjustment of the size, shape and height of your areola can be performed under local anaesthetic. In some instances the areola position is too high as a result of previous surgery and can show from the top of bra or swim suit which will require planning and surgery by a plastic surgeon to correct the position of the areola so that it sits on the peak of the breast and covered by underwear.

Our cosmetic surgeons perform many revision surgeries to correct symmetry and poor scarring from previous surgery. With the latest in medical tattooing we can achieve a very natural and desirable appearance of the breast areola.

What the procedure involves

Areola correction is a local anaesthetic procedure unless it’s combined with a more complex breast surgery that requires a general anaesthetic. Prior to surgery our plastic surgeons will assess you and your desire to achieve the look, shape, size and symmetry of what you are looking for.

On the day of your surgery our cosmetic surgeon will measure your breast height and various distances from your areola as well as the diameter of each. We make marks on your breasts while you are sitting upright and then numb the area with small amount of local anaesthetic.

Extra areola skin can be removed to achieve the desired look and position. The scars are very fine and heal quickly and fade over time. In some people the scar can be touched up with medical tattooing to hide the visible signs of a surgical scar.

Simple dressing is then applied before you are discharged from the clinic. You can resume daily showers and are expected to see your plastic surgeon in a week to check the wound.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can the nipples be uplifted with this procedure?
  • How soon do the wounds heal?
  • Will I be able to breastfeed after this procedure?
  • Will I lose sensation to my nipples?
  • Will the scars be visible?
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If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your breasts your confidence may be affected. We understand how inverted nipples, enlarged nipples or a large areola (the darker skin around the nipple) can make you feel embarrassed and damage your self-confidence.

What is Areola Reduction Surgery

For effective areola reduction, a doughnut of pigmented outer areola is removed, leaving a smaller areola in proportion to the breast. Smaller areola reduction can be performed within the pigmented area to totally hide the scar. Absorbable sutures allows better healing with minimal scarring. Using the latest technology we are able to effectively camouflage the outer rim to produce a natural look that blends with the skin tone of the breast.

What is Nipple Correction Surgery?

Inverted nipples affect 10% of women in the UK. They can be incredibly distressing to sufferers, but the procedure to correct them is usually fairly straight forward via cosmetic surgery.

The surgery is generally performed under local anaesthetic and takes around 30 minutes. The milk ducts are released which allows for eversion. The incision will be discretely made around or within the areola, and is closed with a stitch.

Nipple correction can restore your confidence in the appearance of your breasts, which we know can have a positive impact. If you suffer discomfort from enlarged nipples, or suffered tares or damage to your nipples then corrective surgery can also be of benefit.

What are the benefits of Areola Reduction and Nipple Correction Surgery?

  • Enhanced appearance of the breasts
  • Improved body confidence
  • Less concern over wearing certain clothes or bras
  • Better self-esteem

Areola Reduction and Nipple Correction at Bella Vou

Our Cosmetic surgeons are experienced in areola reduction and nipple correction surgery and can perform the surgery on its own or as part of other breast surgical procedures such as breast augmentation / breast enlargement, breast reduction, breast uplift, breast asymmetry and revision breast surgery.

Areola Reduction and Nipple Correction Recovery

As plastic surgeons we improve the cosmetic appearance of individuals, but are mindful not to compromise the sensation and function of the nipple areola complex. The sensation to the area is largely unaffected and may be temporarily reduced. With Areola reduction breast feeding is unaffected once the scars have healed at 10 to 14 days post surgery.

If you have had cosmetic surgery on the breast before, the areola and nipple can still be operated on and our cosmetic surgeons can adjust and revise previous scars while achieving symmetry. In such cases we can also lift the or adjust the height and position to create a natural look and size of the areola.

Areola Reduction and Nipple Correction Pricing

At Bella Vou we provide various payment options meaning you can spread the cost and enjoy a confident, younger looking you at a price you can afford.

Prices start from £2,500.

Pricing & finance options

Your Complimentary Consultation

Your consultation with our specialist, Dr Rohit Seth, will be, unlike most clinics, uniquely complimentary.

Each 30 minute private consultation with one of our pioneering surgeons will leave you fully informed about your procedure or treatment and what results you can expect, along with understanding your expected recovery time and any possible complications.

Your surgeon will review your full medical history and carry out an examination to evaluate your suitability for the procedure, as well as help you set realistic expectations of the likely outcome.

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