Appendix Scar Correction (Appendectomy)

Removal of the appendix is normally carried out as an emergency. As a result, you can sometimes be left with an unsightly scar. If this is something that bothers you then get in touch and we can help to address the issue by carrying out an appendix scar correction.

Duration 40mins - 1hour
Anaesthesia Local Anaesthetic
Hospital Stay None
Recovery Day-case procedure
Addresses Unsightly, raised or obvious scars

Is this right for me?

If you have an unsightly scar or a scar that bothers you and you want it corrected, this surgery is right for you.

What does this involve?

This is carried out non-surgically or surgically.

Non-surgically, a steroid injection can be used to reduce the thickness of the scar. The scar can also be medically tattooed to not appear as obvious.

Surgically, the scar is cut out and replaced or reoriented. Subsequently, this makes the scar less obvious. Your plastic surgeon can discuss what is the best procedure for your particular case.  With surgery, we use stitches which are absorbable, therefore do not need to be removed after surgery. You will have a local anaesthetic and can go home the same day, following your surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the recovery like?

You will have a dressing on the wound which will be removed at 1-2 weeks and checked by a member of the clinical team. We advise to not carry out any heavy lifting or bending after surgery.

Exercise is to be avoided until at least 2 weeks following surgery. After this time, you can slowly increase the amount you do. You will be back to your normal work out regime by 6 weeks.

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