New Well Woman Clinic Opens in Tunbridge Wells

Bella Vou is pleased to announce their Well Woman Clinic, nestled in the heart of Royal Tunbridge Wells (on The Pantiles) and led by Dr Gail Ball, a GP with over 18 years’ experience and expertise.

Dr Gail Ball MBBS, MRCGP, DRCOG specialises in women’s health treatments and screenings, one of them being:

A well woman health screening which consists of a variety of checks designed to catch early signs of health disorders. It’ll also produce a general overview of your current health status and wellbeing. As a major concern for a lot of women in the UK, these examinations help to provide peace of mind by targeting health issues such as breast cancer, cervical cancer and other pelvic disorders. The checks can be life-saving because they can spot health problems before you’ve experienced any symptoms.

There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ age to have a well woman health screening. You also don’t have to have noticed anything such as a lump or unusual bleeding to book an appointment. We all think about what’s going on under our skin every now and again, so don’t feel that you’re ‘unsuitable’ to go for a check!

The NHS offers free screenings to women aged 60 and above with an invitation to come back every few years. Private clinics like Bella Vou are open to women of all ages, with many women attending an assessment once a year.

The team at Bella Vou understand the complexities of women’s health and are dedicated to providing individually tailored testing, treatment and advice for women of all ages, in a discreet, friendly and supported environment.

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