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Bikini Body Blues

Does the summer make your body shiver with fear? Putting on a bikini can be an unpleasant experience if you are not happy with your body. Women are mostly concerned with the size of their breasts. Whether you are flat chested or experiencing gravity’s inevitable sagging of the breast, we at Bella Vou have a solution!

Breast Augmentation, or ‘boob job’, is on the rise and has high patient satisfaction ratings. Our amazing surgeon, Mr Amir Nakhdjevani, can make your breasts look extraordinary.

What it can do for you

Breast augmentation can:

  • Correct breast asymmetries
  • Increase breast size
  • Reshape and enhance after pregnancy or weight loss
  • Provide natural, lasting results.

The procedure involves placing a silicone implant into the breast (either behind or in front of the pectoral muscle). Full recovery takes around three weeks, with many women only taking a week off work. Your breasts should be bikini-ready anywhere between 4-6 weeks. Your implants will then continue to settle over several months. They may look slightly high in their position during the summer, but many women love this look before they fall into their final position!

So if the size or shape of your breasts is something that bothers you and affects your confidence, come and see us at Bella Vou and have your questions answered by our renowned cosmetic surgeons.

Try out our breast sizing system to determine the perfect size that suits you and 3D breast simulation application.

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Last Updated: June 24, 2016

Published On: June 24, 2016

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