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The Bella Vou Journey

Beau Rich

Everyday is different at Bella Vou. Our Front of House Coordinator, Beau, has the low-down of the daily running of the clinic with some behind the scenes info!

The morning usually begins with a cup of tea and a meeting with the team to discuss the day’s schedule. We’re often interrupted by bellowing male voices entering the building and announcing their presence! Amir Nakhdjevani and Rohit Seth, our Plastic surgeons, have usually discussed a ‘funny’ joke and like to share it with the team….. This is a usual occurrence and it always brings a smile to our faces! Our Specialist Nurse, Sue, keeps us informed with all of the aesthetic treatments she is performing. Sue is the newest member of the Bella Vou team, and with over 20 years’ experience she is an expert in fillers, peels and sclerotherapy treatments! She is also in theatre with our patients to ensure they have a pleasant experience.

Each patient we see at the clinic is individually assessed and specialist stock or equipment is ordered as required, including; breast implants, liposuction, lip enhancement implants or hair transplant kits. Arrangements are made for hotel bookings and taxis where needed. We like to make sure every patient receives a first-class service from start to finish.

We have corporate rates with handpicked hotels surrounding the clinic so should you wish to stay overnight we will ensure you are well looked after, even when you are not in the clinic! Our favourite hotels are Warwick Park Hotel and the Spa Hotel which we highly recommend. They are lovely and private for patients who would like to stay out of the limelight for their recovery and the staff are always on hand to cater for any special requirements.

With the clinic looking immaculate and everyone at their stations we are ready for a busy day at Bella Vou!

We always ensure the day runs seamlessly and work as a team to make sure all of our patients are happy and treated like VIP’s, no matter what they have come in for. Our bespoke practice ensures all the little details are just as important as the larger picture. We love our Molton Brown soaps in the bathroom and the gorgeous Jo Malone Candles we have displayed around the clinic. Our patients are presented with goodie bags just to make them feel extra special. They also contain little extras which can aid in recovery.

Nicola during her Concept™ Facelift performed by Amir Nakhdjevani

When we are preparing for surgery we are always on hand to make sure our patients feel comfortable and relaxed. One of the Patient Coordinators will accompany anyone who is feeling a little nervous into theatre to ensure they have a pleasant experience and to hold their hand throughout. All patients are fully informed of our aftercare instructions and are given plenty of time to recover. We like to lay on lunches for patients who have had a long procedure or if their partner, friend or parent has stayed to wait for them.

On days where we have consultations running, our Patient Coordinators will be there, along with the surgeon, so that they are familiar with the patient’s situation, lifestyle, concerns and expected outcomes. After the consultation, they will be able to answers any further questions, discuss what will happen on the day of surgery, go through the aftercare in detail and provide a quote with potential dates for surgery. A quotation will always be sent out within 24 hours of the consultation and if a patient feels like they need a bit more time with the surgeon, to discuss the procedure again, we are more than happy to accommodate a second consultation.

We always enjoy seeing our patients for follow up appointments and seeing the difference in confidence they have after their surgery.

At the clinic, all of us would say we are a well-oiled, close team and we each share the same passion for Bella Vou and all of our patients. Every patient is different and we take professional and caring steps to make sure everyone’s needs are individually catered for.

If you are interested in a procedure here at Bella Vou or would like some further information please contact one of the team on 01892 257 357

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Last Updated: May 26, 2017

Published On: May 26, 2017

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