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Bella Vou News – October 2019

Welcome to the latest edition of Bella Vou video news

In this program we’ll be introducing Uma Jeyanathan's unique approach to aesthetic medicine which is truly bespoke and tailored.

When Uma assesses the skin and face, she takes a multi-faceted view to create the results that she and her patients are aiming for. This takes time as understanding the patient’s mind-set and creating a wonderful, trusting relationship is paramount.

Skin is the largest organ in the body and should be invested in and nurtured. This can be done with our customised skincare regime and skin health treatments.

The focus of improving skin health encompasses the majority of the population, with treatments including Chemical Peels, Micro-needling and Mesotherapy.

The areas we are targeting with skincare regimes and treatments are acne, acne scarring, pigmentation, blackheads, pores, fine lines, dullness and sagging skin.

The treatments are highly tailored to the individual and definitely not a one-fits-all approach.

After considering skin health, she then analyses the facial substructure, facial profile, skeletal pattern, fat pad loss and migration, collagen content and muscles.

With the dynamic changes of facial anatomy during the ageing process, we can use advance non-surgical facial aesthetics techniques to add volume and contours as well as reduce wrinkles and creases. We can also lift, tighten and improve collagen content.

The vision is always to obtain natural results, tweaks and subtle enhancements.

Listening intently to our patients allows us to create the right treatment journeys and ultimately confidence and happiness for them all.

Here are a few examples of patients that have had Uma’s combination non-surgical therapy treatments.

Upcoming events

On 21st November from 6pm - 10pm we we will be holding a Well Woman Event full of Motivational, empowering and informative talks delivered by Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD, the UK's leading nutritionist specialising in women’s health; Dr Gail Ball who has over 18 years’ experience with a special interest in women's health; Samantha Evans, Nicola Pinkney, Veronika Geeson and Sue Hutchings.

The event will be held at Salomon's Estate & Country House in Tunbridge Wells and everyone that attends will be give refreshments, a goodie bag and some exclusive offers.

Well that’s all for now. Thank you for watching.

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