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Approaching Facial Fillers

Fillers have certainly had a bad reputation: it seems to be a common fear – having that pillow-face effect that we see on countless celebrities. In qualified hands though, dermal fillers can produce excellent results, giving instant definition, a natural lift and a freshness to your face. We asked Dr Jonquille Chantrey, an expert in her field, for her tried and tested tips to ensure a great experience

Do your research

Spend time finding a reputable practitioner and always check their qualifications. Delve into all aspects of the treatment which holds your interest via reliable avenues. Sadly, affiliations, qualifications and media popularity doesn’t always guarantee technical or artistic expertise. Talk to other clients if you can and ask to see their before and after photos. Clinicians passionate about their work will seek to update their skills regularly through workshops and training as opposed to just relying on techniques learned eons ago.

Ask questions

It is quite normal to be jittery. All medical aesthetic treatments, however small, have risks involved and a good clinician will take time to explain these, answer your questions, provide reassurance and ensure you understand every aspect, prior to undergoing any procedure.

Be realistic

Who wouldn’t want to turn the clock back a smidgen or two! So while results are virtually instant and may last up 6-12 months, quick fixes don’t exist. Experienced and ethical doctors with integrity will be up front with patients about achievable expectations. Multiple treatment and maintenance follow ups may be necessary to achieve your desired outcome. Make sure you have a clear understanding about this, before consenting to treatment.

Look at the price

Fully approved products, quality and clinicians expertise costs. Be wary of cheap offers and don’t feel pressured into undergoing treatment, especially if there are financial incentives offered.

Follow aftercare advice

Good clinicians will always provide a client with specific aftercare advice to minimise the risk of adverse post-treatment effects, like infection. Even with the most skilled of doctors, a client may experience a few transient effects, such as slight swelling or bruising. Any concerns should be reported back to the clinic. All patients must be offered a check-up appointment should they feel it’s necessary.

At Bella Vou all injectables and fillers are carried out by consultant plastic surgeons rather that aesthetic nurses, such as Amir Nakhdjevani MBBS, MRCS, FRCS (Plast.)

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Last Updated: May 12, 2016

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