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10 Beauty Tips To Enhance Your Look This Winter

Winter is here, you wake up in the dark and you leave work in the dark. This paired with the icy temperatures does nothing for our beauty regime. You feel more tired and the cold is chapping our dry lips. With Christmas just around the corner, it’s only going to get worse as the party invitations arrive and the season’s festivities begin – fun for us, not-so for our faces!

With all that, comes sleep deprivation and horrible hangovers from the night before. We all need plenty of sleep to function and to look less ‘corpse like’ in the morning. Stick with us and we will go through some of our favourite beauty tips to keep you looking fresh…. Even if you’re not feeling fresh!



You do not have to use your whole monthly salary to get a good facial cleanser, instead opt for a cleanser that has added Vitamin C which will gently exfoliate whilst you cleanse. Your complexion underneath will be left looking clearer and fresher, you’ll look instantly awake! See below for two products we love.

Superfacialist Vitamin C+ Gentle Daily Micro Polish Wash

Obagi CRx System C-Cleansing Gel

2. Find Your Skincare Saviour

It is so important to find your skincare saviour. One that will tick off all your major skin concerns in one go, especially when you’ve had little sleep. Obagi Hydrate is our go to moisturising cream. This helps tackle dry and flaky skin that you are more likely to get in these cold winter months. That way, you can spend more time on the important things – like joining friends for a triple-shot mocha cappuccino!

3. Go For The Base

When it comes to tired, dull skin you will want to reach for the thickest coverage foundation you have in your makeup bag – don’t – this will just cling to every imperfection making your face look cakey. Opt for a lighter base like Clinique Super Moisture Makeup. This is one of our favourites as it provides a sheer to moderate coverage and you don’t have to use 100 different brushes to blend into every nook and cranny on your face!

4. Colour Corrector Is Your Friend

Colour corrector has always looked so confusing, there are yellow ones, nude ones, green ones! Once you get your head round them, they can be your best friend! Using a corrector will save you time and money and unnecessary layers of concealer. Bobbi Brown Corrector and Concealer is a wakeup call for tired eyes—this essential corrector brightens and covers discolouration under the eyes utilising a pink, or peach, based formula to neutralise undereye darkness

NYX Professional Makeup 3c Palette – Conceal, Correct, Contour has everything you need in one palette and at only £10.00 it’s hard not to snap this up!


5. Fix Tired Eyes

When you’ve had a long day and little sleep your eyes become dry and irritated. Finding the perfect eye cream isn’t hard and it is probably the most used product in a makeup bag! We think the best product out at the moment is Obagi ELASTIderm Eye Serum – A targeted serum with bi-mineral complex and malonic acid for firmer, smoother-looking skin around the eyes, plus caffeine to help minimize the appearance of under-eye puffiness. You can purchase this product at the Bella Vou Clinic.

6. Brush Your Brows Up

Create a bushy brow by brushing your eyebrows upwards – this will give you a youthful, fresher look.

7. Highlight, Highlight, Highlight!!

What is the best way to look radiant and well rested? Highlighter. Gently brush over the tops of your cheeks and along the T-zone of your face for glowing skin. No more dull, sleepy complexion!

8. Rescue Dry Lips

Stuffy central-heated homes or offices combined with bitter weather conditions can play havoc with your lips making them dry and cracked….. not very kissable! Remedying this is easy…. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!

Try a DIY lip scrub made with a little Manuka honey, coconut oil and raw sugar, then buff it into the lips using small, circular motions. This should lift away stubborn rough patches and leave your lips feeling smooth. Finish with some Burts Bees beeswax lip balm

9. Go Bright, Go Red

Go for a killer pout with a sultry red lipstick. Add a warm red for the daytime and then a darker red for the evening.

10. Warm Up Those Cheeks

When it comes to blusher you do not want to look like you have just run a marathon and looking flushed! A nice glow is ideal and reduces redness, blotches and breakouts. Avoid pinks and opt for a lovely peachy hue instead. Concentrate the majority of your blush on the apple of your cheek and then swipe the excess product up and across your cheekbones. Simple!

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